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Family Law

We offer a strategic, experienced, cost-effective and compassionate approach to family law matters. The attorneys at O’Keefe, Miller & Thielen, P.C. take an individualized approach in every case to address the needs of each client. (Call us at (610) 944-1959)

Civil Disputes and Litigation

Whether you are a Plaintiff or a Defendant, O’Keefe, Miller & Thielen, P.C. strives to deliver superior skill and effort to resolve your case quickly, in an effort to avoid protracted and expensive litigation. (Call us at (610) 944-1959)

Wills and Estates

At O’Keefe, Miller & Thielen, P.C., we focus on developing comprehensive estate plans that leave you with the peace of mind that your loved ones will receive the portion of your estate that they deserve. (Call us at (610) 944-1959)

Criminal Law

If you are looking for a law firm with experienced, dedicated and aggressive criminal defense attorneys, O’Keefe, Miller & Thielen, P.C. will give you the legal advice and representation that you need. Located within a few miles of Kutztown University, O’Keefe, Miller & Thielen, P.C. is the perfect choice for a Kutztown criminal defense attorney. (Call us at (610) 944-1959)

Small Buisness Law

O’Keefe, Miller & Thielen, P.C. offers a broad range of legal services and legal advice to small business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs. (Call us at (610) 944-1959)

Real Estate

O’Keefe, Miller & Thielen, P.C. strives to assist individuals and businesses in avoiding preventable problems in a variety of real estate related situations. We represent property buyers, sellers, lessors and lessees in real estate transactions. (Call us at (610) 944-1959)

Landlord Tenant Law

O’Keefe, Miller & Thielen, P.C. attorneys have vast experiences litigating disputes on behalf of both landlords and tenants. (Call us at (610) 944-1959)

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"A Personal Approach to Legal Service"
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Welcome to O'Keefe, Miller & Thielen, P.C.

Not your typical law firm, O’Keefe, Miller & Thielen, P.C. is dedicated to providing professional services in a casual, friendly atmosphere. We have a strong team serving the legal needs of clients in Berks County, Lehigh County, and surrounding Communities.


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